Bob the Builder

We at Bob The Builder specialize in re-purposing, modifying and customizing the interiors of your home. We understand how difficult it can be for homeowners to find the best design ideas and quality interior designers. Moreover, the more resources you look for reference is going to make you all the more perplexed. So, look no further, if you are located in GAP, PA and your home requires a modification, come to us. We will be there to assist you and answer all your queries. Whether you are thinking of a complete bathroom makeover or simply looking for suggestions for that perfect wardrobe for your bedroom, you can rely on us. Nothing makes us more content than the happiness of my esteemed clients. This is our motto when we take up an interior designing project is to work on it passionately. Bob, our CEO and the founder of this company personally supervises each and every project. For us, interior designing is more of a passion.

The areas where we specialize in designing include kitchens, bathroom, bedroom and overall remodeling of the entire home. We also provide commercial services like office design, restaurant design and retail store designs. Soon, we are also going to accept orders for landscape designing. You can also check out our Philadelphia Partners, Ferrarini & Co. here:
Our Dining Table partners: Dining Table Guide

We at Bob The Builder honestly feel the journey of our company has just begun. Our work has been featured in several magazines and newspapers in the last few years. This surely inspires us and our efficient team to raise the standards of interior designing even further. Yes, we are proud to say, our company has some of the best minds in this field. They are inspirational and a sheer delight to work with. So, we are more than happy to welcome you and explore our ideas. Your satisfaction is going to be our reward.

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